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MRG In The Community

MRG members have frequently assisted groups such as Cub packs and school groups in introducing Rocketry as a fun and educational activity.

In addition to these ad-hoc activities done by individual members, the MRG also proudly supports a number of planned events throughout the year.

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Aerospace & Aviation in Manitoba (AAiM Day)

Since 2007, each year approximately 650 students take part in AAIM Day. Targeted for Grade 6 students to compliment the Grade 6 curriculum module on Flight, AAiM Day is a one day symposium of aerospace and aviation related activities. The day's events are designed to introduce the young students and their teachers to the concepts they are learning in school as well as to the city's thriving aerospace and aviation industries.

Each year MRG has supported this endeavor by involving the students in a hands-on activity to acquaint the students with fundamental concepts of rocketry and the hobby of model and high power rocketry.

Manitoba Space Adventure Camp

The Manitoba Space Adventure Camp is a week long camp for grade 9—11 students interested in science, space, engineering—and all things exploration! The camp covers a wide range of topics and disciplines including Rocketry.

Each year members of the MRG have given presentations on model and high power rocketry and have assisted the students in building and launching their very own model rocket!

Gooch's Hobby Open House

Each year this popular Winnipeg Bicycle and Hobby shop hosts a 2-day event to introduce customers to a variety of hobby activities. Joining with such groups as plastic modelers and model railroad enthusiasts, MRG members have always provided a presence to answer questions and introduce customers to the hobby of model and high power rocketry.

Fly High and Fly Safe with the Manitoba Rocketry Group!