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How Do I Join?

Print out a MRG membership form here. Contact us via the Contact Us page, and we will direct you on payment options.

For the Canadian Association of Rocketry, go to the CAR web site and follow the membership links. For convenience CAR memberships can be paid to MRG CAR representatives at any MRG launch event.

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Must I Join?

Must I join the Manitoba Rocketry Group to fly rockets?

If someone wishes to fly Model Rockets independently on their own, they do not require membership or affiliation with any group.

If someone wishes to fly High Power Rockets, they can only be launched at Transport Canada approved and Canadian Association of Rocketry sanctioned, High Power launches.

The MRG is an affiliated club with the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR). MRG launches (both model and high power), are CAR-sanctioned, and to fly at any MRG event you must hold a membership in BOTH the MRG and CAR.

What are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of joining?

The benefits of a CAR membership include:
  • high power certification (for senior members) and access to high power motors
  • reciprocal agreements with the US National Association of Rocketry and Tripoli
  • access to CAR-sanctioned launch events
  • participation in regional activities and competitions
  • networking with fellow hobbyists
  • a National organization recognized by Transport Canada
  • CAR's comprehensive liability insurance coverage

The benefits of a MRG membership include:

  • access to CAR-sanctioned MRG Model Rocket launch events
  • access to Transport Canada approved and CAR-sanctioned MRG High Power launch events
  • access to CAR-sanctioned flying fields
  • access to club launch equipment
  • discounts at select local hobby shops
  • interaction with fellow rocketry enthusiasts
  • experienced MRG members to provide guidance on safety, construction methods, engineering options to allow individuals to progress and certify in high power rocketry

How Much Does it Cost?

How much does it cost?

CAR membership fees are detailed under the Membership Info link on the CAR web site.

MRG membership fees are as follows:

Membership Type Conditions Fee
Senior Over 18 on Jan 01 $30
Junior Under 18 before Jan 01 $15
Family No limit to the amount of children $35
Trade / Group $75 for first 10 members, $5 per individual

The MRG recognizes the need for ALL flyers to maintain both MRG and CAR memberships to fly at CAR-sanctioned MRG launch events. As such, the MRG offers for new members, special "First-Time" initial MRG membership rates.

First-time Senior Initial MRG membership $10
First-time Junior Initial MRG membership $5
First-time Family Initial MRG membership $20

Your MRG membership goes to cover costs to landowners for flying for our events, cost of new equipment, maintenance of existing equipment, affiliation registration costs to CAR, and various administration costs such as printing, mailing, membership cards, etc.

Fly High and Fly Safe with the Manitoba Rocketry Group!