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Saturday, June 23, 2012 - Model Rockets


Welcome to the home of the Manitoba Rocketry Group, or informally known as the MRG. We are based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba; the heart of the Canadian Prairies.

The Manitoba Rocketry Group is a volunteer, provincial organization which advocates the safe pursuit of model and high power rocketry in Manitoba. Since 1995, the MRG has promoted rocketry at the local, provincial, and national levels as a safe, fun, legal and educational sport for adults and youth.

Activities in which MRG members can become involved include scale and non-scale models, sport flying, rocket gliders, electronic payloads, aerial photography, onboard video equipment, radio transmitters, altitude attempts, parachute duration competitions and networking with fellow hobbyists.

While our web site is undergoing a revamp (bear with us through this "work in progress" and check back often), please browse to learn more about the MRG and the hobby of Model and High Power Rocketry.

Follow the Contact Us link if you would like to learn more. We hope you can join us on the flight line.

Fly High and Fly Safe with the Manitoba Rocketry Group!